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We didn't do our pictures until 5pm at night 2 days after our wedding. I have natural curls so I couldn't fight them. I knew if I attempted to blow dry it, it would have been a waste. You can tell in some of the pictues but we were soaked from head to toe!! We didn't put our heads under but the waves were splashing us everywhere and especially when you are laying down you get drenched! So I took a shower about an hour before let my hair dry curly and put in two flower clips to keep it out my face (which I totally recommend doing) If I didn't do that my hair would have been everywhere! I put on mascara (not waterproof because I forgot it) I kept asking Lance during the shoot if I had black eyes yet? I put on a little blush and that was it! I had enough sun that I felt like I didn't need a ton. I wouldn't get to dolled up if you are really planning on getting wet!!!

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I also did my own hair and make-up for my TTD session. I used the curls from the night before and tosseled my hair abit putting a few pieces up with bobby pins to give it a little more volume and I did my own make-up. my hair ended up pretty much getting soaked anyway. If you have a good photographer, you'll look great with little make-up (OK photograher's, am I right on the last statement? LOL).

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