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Engaged in Versailles

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My fiance and I were in Europe last year and I kinda figured the big question was coming (at every hotel he would put a mysterious bag in the safe and I wasn't allowed to have the passcode lol). We started out in London, then Scotland and finally Paris. Every time we were at some romantic little spot I was thinking is this it? But it was hard to find anywhere very private. It was nearing the end of our trip when we arrived in Paris. First stop was the Eiffel Tower just down the block from our hotel - completely packed with tourists - and... nothing. I was beginning to think he would run out of time and end up proposing in Heathrow Airport on our way home.


One of our last days in Paris we decided to catch the train to the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris. We arrived at Versailles and the Gardens were breathtaking - beautiful sculptures, fountains, music piped out of the hedges, and the famous geometric flower gardens. In the centre of the gardens is a huge, man-made lake in the shape of a cross with swans and little row boats. We started walking the gardens, following each little path and we would come upon a gorgeous fountain, or arch way - all packed with fellow tourists. For lunch we grabbed some fresh, squeezed OJ and a ham and cheese baguette and ate by the lake watching the swans. After lunch FI suggested renting a little row boat. We got in the boat, and were floating along with other boats filled with families, and couples, but the far end of the lake looked pretty deserted. FI started rowing towards the other side, another couple seemed to have the same idea and both guys started rowing as fast as they could while the other girl and I watched the little race bemused. Eventually we pulled ahead, and the other guy conceded and waved us on. FI kept rowing and soon enough were were completely alone at the far end of the lake. He got down on one knee (which is no small feat in a rowboat) and asked me to marry him. I said 'yes' (of course) and I cried (of course). It was so romantic and I was impressed that he managed to find such a seclude spot in that busy place. It was perfect except for the blisters that my poor FI had from all that rowing.

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