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Dress Alteration Price

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Can anyone give me an idea of what they are paying for their dress alteration? I went for my second fitting today and she gave me the price which I thought was ridiculous. $254 for what I think are minor alteration. Just my straps were a little long and under my arm the dress was a little tight so she had to take half a inch on each side. oh my the dress needs to be shorten a little.


Is $254 too much is that the right amount...


I'm a annoyed at this. cause the dress is now going almost double my budget and I'm feeling cheated...





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I was originally quoted 500-600 which I thought was RIDIC- so I yelped, and found a cheaper lady that had great reviews and ended up paying $200- I got mine hemmed (lace on the bottom, so I know it couldn't have been easy) and got the bustle for that.


Try yelp, or maybe find a boston bride forum for recommendations? But I think 254 is about right... I'd like to hear other opinions though!

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