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El Dorado Seaside - 2011

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Hi Ladies,

We are almost 100% sure that we are going to tie the knot at EDSS. I have read both fantastic and not so fantastic reviews about this resort but a lot of them seem over a year or so old. Anyway I was hoping to get a fresh perspective from anyone who just had a wedding there or is planning one in the near future.


Are you using a Travel Agent or just in contact with the coordinator onsite?

Are you going to have a private dinner or utilize one of the restaurants?

Price per person?

Dance floor?

Live Music?


What did you do as far as flowers and a cake were concerned?

Any extras that you did that you would recommend doing?

How long did most of your guests stay?

What price did your guests pay to stay at the resort?


Anything would be helpful. Thanks so much!!!

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Welcome to your new addiction! This place will have all the answers you seek. Sorry can't help getting married at now jade riviera in the mayan riviera mexico. Congrats and good luck.

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Hi Melissa,


It looks like I'm another EDSS bride-to-be.  We're planning our wedding for August 2011, and all signs point to EDSS.  I can't help with your wedding-specific questions, but my FH and I have been to EDSS twice before and absolutely LOVE everything about it!


Happy planning!  Have you set a date?



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