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Just engaged and ready to plan a destination wedding

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Welcome and congrats fellow canadian bride.  You'll find so many great reviews on here. Your cousin will be able to help you narrow it down.  We are going to Mayan Riviera for that price range but it all depends on time of year, what you want in a resort, etc.  Planning a DW is so fun,  Good Luck!

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So we have made some progress. We have chosen a destination .... Costa Rica.


Before we got engaged, before we even started talking about marriage, we both said if we were going to travel south, we were going to go to Costa Rica. So when we started talking about marriage and getting engaged, and decided on a DW, we knew CR is where we wanted to go. Our friends and family all knew we wanted a DW and in CR.


So when it came time for my sister and her husband to choose a honeymoon destination, they chose no other than Costa Rica.


So we decided then and there, that even though we both wanted to go to CR, that we would not get married there.


Sounds like a stupid reason, I know. But you would have to understand my BIL who tries to make everything about him. We figured, if we were anywhere near where they stayed, or did any of the same things, he would make it all about them. He is one of those people that has to be the centre of attention, and has to outdo everyone else.


So, we get engaged and it comes time to pick a destination. I said Panama, he said too dangerous. He said Brazil, I said too dangerous. Every place either he or I suggested, the other had an issue with.


So last night, we are on our way to a friend's house, when he says why don't we just do costa rica. We both want to go there, it's where we always said.


So we have decided on CR, and will have to look at where their resort was, and choose a resort on the other side of CR. 


We have decided this day is about us, not about them, and we shouldn't change our destination because of them. So now that we have a location, we just need a resort and a date.


Starting to get really excited. And after browsing the forum for the past few weeks, I can't wait to get started on some DIY projects. So many of you have such great ideas!

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