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Thanks for all the support and wishes but I guess no one saw my last post.  IM ENGAGED!!!!  =)


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  smile159.gif cheer2.gif  woot.gif


He proposed last night.  He always told me it would be some random day so that I would never expect it.  I am so happy and excited...I think I've been glowing and floating all day.  Now I can actually plan the wedding without feeling crazy haha.


Thanks for all the wishes that I would get it soon...it helped!! 


BTW...I found out he has had it since we first went to Robbins Bros back in May.  He told me he had the perfect hiding spot for it and I would never find it.  Sure enough he had cut a hole in the box spring under the bed and hid it there.  Ive been sleeping on it for 3 months and never knew it.  Haha!!

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