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Contests Everywhere!!

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Ok, so it has been a wild week in planning for me. And because I am a giant dork and geek, I went contest hunting! (My photographer is having a contest so I decided to see how many others I could enter!)


You know, once I submitted to an online contest and won a Robbie Williams autographed biography book. It was amazing. I was so thrilled, so you never know!


NYC Wedding Contest


Jasmine Star Wedding Contest (if you are wanting a wedding before your DW!)


Nora's Photos Wedding Photography Contest - If you are getting Married in Hawaii


Bridal Fantasy Wedding Sweepstakes


ok, I know, super nerdy right?

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I should also say that the Jasmine Star contest deadline is Friday July 24! It is a pretty sweet deal to have your home wedding paid for completely...everything included, all you have to do is get married!!! Haha!

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