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Now Jade Riviera Cancun Wedding

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I have heard from a few brides that it has recently been hard to get a hold of Julilana; the fabulous florist that helped to make my wedding day at the NOW Jade Resort beautiful...and affordable!
Alejandra (Alex), an activities coordinator in the Cancun area & a friend of Juliana's recommended Juliana's services to me. Below you will find the contact information I have for both Juliana & Alex.  If you cannot get a hold of Juliana through her contact info, Alex is very receptive to emails & prompt to reply; she'll help you get in touch with Juliana asap. She can also assist you in any activities you would like to plan for you and/or your guests while you're in Mexico!  I have also include the information of the DJ we hired to do our wedding.



If you would like to see pics of my wedding or my flowers done my Juliana you can befriend me on facebook at Ally Fuller (Gates) -  Album: Gates-Fuller Wedding.  If you have any questions don't hesitiate to ask either. I was married at the NOW Jade November 25, 2010 with 54 wedding guests & I remember how difficult it was planning a wedding in Mexico - so don't hesitate asking anything! :)  


Juliana ~ Cancun Florist

Av.Cobà No. 19 SM 22 Centro

Tel`s (998) 884 11 04, 887 17 00

Cancùn,Q.Roo  MEXICO
Email:   floreria_paraiso@hotmail.com



Alejandra (Alex) Orozco
Activities Coordinator:
Director of Sales
Dir. Phone  011 52 998 880 59 99 / 998 271 17 21
NEXTEL:  011 52 998 275 32 78 / 72*827721*1
DJ Marianella Slim.
Mannia Audio Video e Iluminacion
Tel (998) 889 92 26
Fax (998) 889 92 82

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Allygator:  did you choose one of the wedding packages they offer, or did you do everything a la carte?  I'm getting married May28th, and originally I was gping to go with the devine wedding package.  Now, after reading some of these posts, I'm thinking of hiring an outside DJ, photographer, and possibly florist.  However, is there a fee you have to pay to bring these vendors into the resort for the day??

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Isakogan1-There is a 65$ day pass fee. I am going with the Divine package. I have heard great things about Doremixx and they are now an accepted vendor so you could check him out. I am bringing in Ivan Luckie as my photographer. He has been amazing to deal with and takes wicked pictures on land and under water. I would highly recommend him.  If you speak with him let him know that you spoke with Lisa.

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Thanks lisadias.  I emailed Pilar last week, and she is telling me that to bring in an outside vendor, it costs $350 per vendor.  I'm definitely going to fight that!!!!  Also, are you able to swap any of the services that the package provides if you bring in outside vendors?

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congratulations and welcome to the forum here you will find lots of great ideas to share with some other brides to be if we can help for that special day we will be happy.



Martin & Astrid







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