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Newbie Post - Considering Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana

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dro-girl: So sorry I didn't respond sooner! Work's been crazy busy lately and I've barely done anything wedding-related. We haven't been to the resort, in fact we've never been to Punta Cana! We chose our top 5 resorts based on pictures, prices, and reviews (do lots of searches on here, and Trip Advisor, of course take everything on there with a grain of salt). Then we requested wedding packages from the resorts, and got some initial quotes from a TA. Basically it was a combination of everything that made us choose DPB. It helped that our wedding coordinator, Melani, was super quick to respond to my questions. I think it basically comes down to doing a lot of research, seeing how you feel about the places (which one do you keep going back to), and how easy it is to deal with the wedding coordinators.


Hope that helps! Good luck with the planning! :)

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