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For Sale: Pandora Jewelry Charms

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Hey Everyone,

So I had bought a boatload of Pandora charms to give out to a few people close to me (I dont have a wedding party and this was kind of a consolation gift for not being a bridesmaid.. haha...)


And I have a few of them left... I hope to sell them all... they are a few bucks cheaper than what the prices are out there on different sites....


I have pics here:


Picasa Web Albums - Pandora beads


But the full list is here

  • captivating teal/ green murano glass charm $30 (1)
  • purple for you murano - $30 (1)
  • Gray/Black Flowers for You Murano Glass Charm, Sterling Silver (1) $30
  • red flowers for you murano (1) $30
  • pnd captivating purple murano glass charm (1) $30
  • pnd teal flowers for you murano glass charm (1) $30
  • Pandora Red Hot Love Charm, Sterling Silver (1) $40
  • white/ grey polka dots murano (1) $30
  • Pandora Purse Charm with CZ, Sterling Silver (1) $30
  • elephant (1) $30
  • hippo (1) $30
  • dog (1) $30
  • teddy bear (1) - $20
  • money bag (1) $25
  • blck mother of pearl (2) $45
  • teal daisy (1) $35

PM me with any questions!

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