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Ideas for Beach Locations for a Wedding in Costa Rica

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Name: Paula Vieira


Wedding Date: First two weeks in December 2011, likley to be around 7 December 2011.


Wedding Location: on a beach in Costa Rica (although still deciding at the moment)


Does anyone have an ideas of the best wedding planners to use in Costa Rica. I have contacted a couple, but wanted to see if anyone had used them before.


Many thanks


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Thank you very much. I am so excited.


I have a lot of ideas for the actual wedding at the moment, it just finding the right location in Costa Rica and ensuring that we various accomodation ideas for our wedding guests.

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Hi, Paula --


** I can't suggest any wedding planners in Costa Rica specifically, but from what I understand, Florablanca Resort is simply EVERYTHING you could want and more and they do really beautiful weddings there.....it looks like the definition of luxury! **


Otherwise, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement & WELCOME to BDW!!!

I think you will find that this site will become the single *most* important tool available to you during your wedding-planning process -- I KNOW it was for me!


Very best wishes as you're planning your way,

toward walking down the aisle on your Big Day!!

~ Christie wink.gif

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