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Canadian Newbies !

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I've got invites out and dress bought...wedding form filled out, just have to send them and my maid of honor has her dress.  So a few more details to take care of but lots of time! :) 

Its all so exciting...I can't wait to get my little boys outfits!! And my stepdaughters dresses!! I love to shop! :)

Keep us updated on your progress!


Originally Posted by jenner29 View Post

That's so exciting!!  I look forward to meeting both of you!!  Have you got much done so far?  I am ordering my invites from Vista today!  Yay!!




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Oh no Janet! What happened?  Can't make the trip??


Do you have other BMs??

Originally Posted by Janet1480 View Post

so I dont have a maid of honor anymore! my wedding is in 4.5 months! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH




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Hi Ladies,


We invited people BY PHONE for the wedding and some via email.  We only printed about 10 invites (from Michael's) to send to family overseas.  My parent's are Italian and felt that if formal invitations went out that people would feel obligated to still send a gift and they were uncomfortable with that idea since it is a destination wedding....so I've been listening to my mother complaining about the fact that she has to call so many people, to which I respond - it was your choice!


I still don't have bridesmaid dresses - I'm only having a MOH and one other person.  I loved the idea of a destination wedding to be able to keep things small.  I'm from a family to which "small" = 250 people.  The concept of under 100 is totally foreign...I love it!


My colours are hot pink, baby pink and chartreuse.  I think I might do gray for the bridesmaids.....

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