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Originally Posted by CourtneyV View Post
Leigh really is amazing... but I do know that she's really busy lately. I literally had to book my trip to Mexico around when she was there, it had nothing to do with my schedule (even though it was when we wanted to go anyways, but that's besides the point!). She's pretty awesome, but if she can't make it, maybe she has some recommendations for you??

She has given me some other recommendations and they look good, but I really want Leigh. I've seen her stuff and I think she's great. Plus I feel like I already know her from here.

I've already gotten a quote from her for an ES a BD session and her travel to NY. She's available to come here after Nov 11th (which is perfect because I need the time to lose some weight.)

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Leigh, you are amazing.


I'm Courtney's mom. Courtney sent me the link to her pictures on your website. I scrolled down the pictures and all I could say was wow. Wow. Wow. I can't believe what an incredible job you've done in capturing Courtney (and Aaron, too!). I'm sitting here right now ... looking at the one of her laughing and I'm actually crying. Leigh, that's the most telling picture I've ever see of her. I just can't put into words how overwhelmed I am.


But if a picture is worth a thousand words, then these pictures, Leigh, are worth a million. Thank you so much.

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hi dee - thank you so much for your kind words here and on the blog. im so lucky to do what i do. and courtney and aaron are wonderful. it must be a joy having a daughter like her! we had such a good time and they gave me complete control of where, when and what. its so important to trust your photographer and of course courtneys so great we hit it off immediately. i think i will have a friend for life. i found a few of those on here :) im looking forward to the wedding in may and meeting all their family and friends who i know will be as fun and wonderful as they are! i can hardly wait. it will be here before you know it! thanks again - leigh

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