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The Perfect 10 Newbie

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PLanning is going well. I have paid for our trip, made the dress appt for this thursday, narrowed down to 5 online, hoping they look fabulous in person, made my veil, picked my flowers, made my OOT's, purchased my shoes, and sent off for our passports. I feel a tad bit accomplished but there is still so much more to do.


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hi, wow, amazing.  How is your planning going?  So exciting to have the perfect 10 wedding!  congrats.  

Thanks so much! FI picked the date, thats about all his involvement has been so far, LOL, but no complaining here. Hahaha


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Congrats and welcome!  Love your wedding date btw :)

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Exactly 2 months and I'll be a Mrs.!! Yippee!! My invitations go out this weekend, my dress was ordered last week and the last person who RSVP'd just paid for their reservation!! Whewww Whoooo! I'm on a roll here for someone who got a late start!! Just wanted to some through and thank all of you for your support!! I just really love you ladies!!! {tear} Couldn't accomplish this planning without you!!!!

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