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Votes for my future Nephew!

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My future sis-in-law has an adorable little guy named Frankie (named after Mr. Sinatra)! She entered him in this Gerber contest and I'd love to see him win! Especially since this poor guy has had a rough summer. He's had to wear this head shaping helmet all summer long due to his head being flat in the back. He's such a trooper (hopefully only one more visit and it's off!). He just learned to crawl, but only goes backwards....LOL. He also likes rolling around and tugging on his Nana's curtains (we all kind of encourage him because of how frustrated she gets when he does it). msnwink.gif. You just enter your email, check that you are older than 13 and click the security logo. FI and I were kinda bad and entered 3-4 emails each (I have two yahoos, and two schools..haha)


Here's the link




His ID is 18476, our you can enter Frankie in the name section and

Orland Park in the city section.


I hope this is ok. I saw that Tammy and some other people posted baby vote requests here. If it's not alright, please delete and accept my apologies!

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