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Our Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding by Del Sol Photography

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We are booked for December 21st 2010 at 2pm! 

Originally Posted by donna73 View Post


What date are you getting married? We're booked at same reosrt for Dec 9th 2010 :)


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Originally Posted by mmontgo View Post

Hi everyone!
I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. I never realized how busy life can be after your married! Anyway, I couldnt wait any longer to share my review and pictures with everyone.

My husband and I just got married on 5/15/10 @ Dreams Riviera Cancun. It was absolutely amazing and the happiest day of our lives. Planning a destination wedding can be such a challenge. There are so many unknowns and if your an A type personality like me it can be very stressful and frustrating if you dont have the support you need to get through it. I was so so lucky to have come across this forum one day . Through this forum I have found the most wonderful wedding vendors. I can credit this forum for introducing me to Del Sol photography which through their amazing collection of photos on this Forum helped me to choose my destination and resort. I also found Zuniga productions who are amazing event planners.

About Del Sol Photography.....
Where should I begin....As I stated above I met Del Sol through this forum. It was through their creative eye and beautiful artistic photography that we knew Mexico was the perfect destination for us. We fell in love with Del Sol's work the minute we saw it (and honestly who wouldnt, its amazing).

Throughout the entire 2 years we were contracted with Del Sol I never once questioned the decision. Matt and Sol were available to me and my husband throughout the entire process. I could ask them any question and they would always help me through anything. Their response time was unbeatable....for the most part they answered within the same day! They always provided their honest opinion and are a great resource when trying to find the perfect resort. Its difficult to find this type of service when planning a destination wedding.

I can't say enough good things about Del Sol. Our experience with them was one that we will remember and cherish forever. Their work is unbelievable and speaks for itself. They have an amazing ability to capture beauty that other people may overlook. Matt and Rodrigo told the story of our wedding through their amazing eye. Everytime i go back through my photos I can see the emotion that was captured and the love that my husband and I have for each other. They only met us face to face once but they were able to capture who we really are. It was so important to me since so many of my friends and family couldnt attend our wedding to have this type of quality. They can truly appreciate how important this day is for all of us. If your lucky enough to book Matt and Sol together you'll see how passionate and fiery they can be together. We were so lucky to have them both at our TTD session. The love they have for each other truly shows through their work.

If anyone has any questions about our experience with Del Sol please do not hesitate to email me mmontgo84@gmail.com

Hope everyone enjoys the slideshow!

http://www.pictage.com/817018 (All pics)

05.15.10 Margaret + Matthew | Wedding at Dreams Riviera Cancun | Photos by Matt Adcock (Wedding Slideshow)
052110 Margaret + Matthew | Trash the Dress | Photos by Matt Adcock + Sol Tamargo (Trash the Dress Slideshow)


Margaret & Matt...


I don't make time on the forum often enough, mostly because we are so busy and usually Matt is posting here more.    I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our heart for posting this testimonial.... We thank our lucky stars to find people like you and I keep pinching myself that we get to photograph love and people who LOVE!  



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 THANK YOU a million for posting this! I am new bride and also getting married at Dreams RC in June 2011! I welcome ANY advice you'd like to share! ashleeclark@hotmail.com

Your pictures are amazing! Great job to your photographer and you looked beautiful!

Much Love- Ashlee

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Love love LOVE the pictures! You guys made the cenote look like a piece of cake! I can't believe that Del Sol can get such incredible pictures...it doesn't seem REAL! They make everything look like the most beautiful fantasy world. They are the real deal for sure!

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