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Puppy Proposal

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Thanks ladies for all the love! I love both my puppy (who is now 8 months old!!) and my ring very much.


Originally Posted by mrs*j*2011 View Post
Great proposal, beautiful ring, adorable puppy! (I love labs - what's his name?)
His name is Semper which is short for Semper Fidelius (its the marine corp motto, it means always faithful). FI had told me many times that he wanted to name his next dog that. Plus with him being the bearer of my engagement ring, it seemed sort of appropriate.


Originally Posted by tracy0716 View Post
I'm also really sorry about your dog Joey. I love my dogs too and losing them is always so difficult. Also, love that you guys adopt rescues!!
Thanks Tracy. J had rescued Joey when he worked for animal control when he was 16. He got a call about a dog that had been left chained outside after the owners had moved. That dog was puppy Joey and Jason adopted him and raised him from then on. His passing was very difficult, but I know that he had a wonderful and very happy life.

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