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Aventura Spa Palace Wedding Photo's/Del Sol Review

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It is true. You are not suppose to have any outside vendors...However with that being said. Me and a lot of other girls that have booked Del Sol are just going to buy the two photographers day passes and not say anything to the wedding coordinator. I am going to tell them that the onsite photographer is not longer needed. If they ask why, I will simply explain that a family member will be taking all photos.


This has seemed to work well in the past.

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Originally Posted by adales View Post


Is this the photographer that came with your package or did you hire them separately?





Not to reply for Jackie, but being another Aventura Cove and Spa Bride Bride… I know that this photographer is not included in the package. She booked them separately.  If you read the Aventura Spa and Cove thread there are a few other girls that have booked them…. Such as Nam.


I have them booked for February 18th 2011. They are a little on the expensive side, but TOTATLLY worth every penny. As you can see Jackieâ€s Photos are Kick Ass! Del Sol does have a wiki on here if you are interested in seeing more of their work. They also give you a great idea of what to expect at the hotel.


You can also see their work here -> http://delsolphotography.com/blog/z


If you love the Del Sol style, but would prefer a more economical choice. Matt, Owner of Del Sol is started another company under the Del Sol umbrella called La Luna.


Their website is located here ->  http://www.lalunaphotographers.com/

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Hola Megan,

Originally Posted by MeganA View Post

We just signed our contract for our Aventura for June 4th 2011. I saw in the contract that no outside vendors are allowed. How does that work to have Del Sol come in to do the photography? Their pictures are great! Any feedback on the outside vendors situation is awesome! Thanks!

Because we are an "approved" outside vendor.   Here is a letter from the Corporate Director of Weddings of all Palace Resorts. 


They handle each case on an individual basis.  Simply provide del sol with your contract number and they will approve your photography choice, its just that easy hopefully and stress free.       Aventura is a pleasure to work with, very nice at the lobby desk and staff that has even walked us to the rooms before.




Dear Matt,
Thank you so much returning to the office to a flooded inbox.  I sincerely apologize for my delayed response. There is an outside vendor fee that applies should a wedding couple hire a local photographer from Mexico, it isnâ€t a problem for your services to be contracted.  We handle every case on a case by case basis when it comes to vendors.  The following reasons are why we must contractually protect ourselves and why we include those clauses in our contracts.
-First, couples in the past have hired outside vendors and when the vendor does not hold their part or the couple isnâ€t satisfied with their work we are brought into the legal dispute
-Second, weâ€ve had previous cases where the company who is providing the services has not obtained the correct business documentation nor fulfilled hacienda regulations and Palace has been brought into question for not screening outside vendors properly.
-Third, Palace Resorts is an all-inclusive property bounded by strict regulations every member of the team must purchase a day pass once the resort has screened the vendor.
We already have a reputable relationship with you so it would be no problem to have you become one of the approved outside vendors. We are definitely willing to work with you and wanted to provide you with some reasoning as to why we have those clauses.  If you can provide us with the names of the couples I can give the resort the green light to allow the exceptions without a problem.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.
Kindest Regards,
Corporate Director of Weddings & Honeymoons


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