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gifts for ringbearer?

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I have no clue on what to get for my ringbearers. One will be 8 and the other 3 at the time of my wedding. I don't want to get them the standard engraved gift, I am thinking of something fun, but that they can keep to remember the day. Any ideashuh.gif? What did you all get your ringbearers?

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I have 2 young ringbearers as well (3 and 5). Not sure of what I will get them either. I am making "Kiddie" OOT bags for all of the kids who are attending (about 5-6) ... but I haven't gotten any good ias for actual ringbearer gifts yet. I did have them go out on the beach while they were at my Mom and Dad's house and gather some shells ... as well as look for one to use for the rings ... so they are definitely feeling like they are a part of things ... so I need to figure out a special gift for each!


Looking forward to ideas!

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for my flowergirls and ringbearers I put together little fun bags, they had things to keep them occupied. There was a beachball, pez dispensers, bubbles, etchesketches...etc. They loved the toys and they were a big hit!

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My flower girl and ring bearer are my kids who will both be 9 at the wedding.

I bought my daughter earrings and a bracelet she can wear at the wedding, but you can't get a boy jewelry.

I am so stumped, I kind of shoved that off on my fiance.


Maybe a special shirt, not sure.    


He keeps saying his is the ring bearer so he can dress up as a bear, so may go along that route with a special shirt. Who knows!!

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