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Hey forum friends!


I have been very busy so I haven´t been able to write for some days.


My wedding planning is well on its way! My WC suggested I changed to Casa Perla in Tankah Bay just after Soliman Bay on the road to Tulum, because of much better price conditions, resides, the house has four rooms which can acomódate all of my bridesmaids!


The Mayan wedding will take place at the beach and all the party of 80 will go to the pool deck for the reception. I am still deciding if I should order a mexican entree which my fiancee loves, and a more “international†main course which is not “Picante†(I have just learned this is the Word for hot and spicy!)


A band will be playing three hours and a DJ will take it from there for another five hours with animation and a free bar.


I am still working on the colors of my linens and flowers. Is there something like a trendy color? I am really happy because everything is running smoothly and under my planned budget and expectations.cheer2.gif

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