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Rude Remarks When Mentioning DW in Mexico..Anyone Else?

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#41 orionandmari072510

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    Posted 05 August 2010 - 05:02 AM

    We had a lot of that crap going on when we were planning our DW to mexico. One friend who I am a BM for in her wedding gave me so many sob stories from saying her mom wouldnt allow her to come, to her fiancee giving her a hard time for it. Well in the end she came, but all the drama excuses were totally unneccessary. I also think ppl make stuff up just to find a way out of not going to something. I had another friend say she didnt have the money to go, but about a week before the wedding wrote me a catty text saying the only reason she didnt have the money was because she was saving it for a trip to Aruba with her fiancee in the same year. Well funny thing is her fiancee came to our wedding and left her home in the USA. I guess catty-ness just leaves you at home ALONE while everyone else is having fun! And they still havent gone to Aruba!

    Overall everyone we invited pretty much showed up and had a great time. No regrets in that at all! And the resort area we stayed in were 100% safe. If anything tell the families that the druglord crap is definitely not in major tourist cities in Mexico just for the mere fact that the natives make more money of us tourists visiting than the stupid druggies.

    #42 J&E2011

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      Posted 05 August 2010 - 07:17 AM

      I agree with you all!

      It really saddens me to think that people are so ignorant and go by whatever they hear in the news about Mexico and automatically assume that the whole country is under attack, when in reality it's no more dangerous than in some of our own cities.

      I was in the Riviera Maya twice this year, and not once did I encounter a glimpse of violence. I even asked the wedding coordinators that I met while I was there if they heard of any violence in the area, and they all laughed at me! They explained that it happens in remote areas of the country, far (hours away!) from Cancun and the Riviera Maya. I only asked because my inlaws made me so paranoid since the moment we mentioned our plans for a DW in Mexico. I was happy to report to them that we saw nothing wrong with having our wedding in Mexico, and that we booked our wedding there!

      We're giving our guests 14 months notice to our DW, and we hope everyone can make it! For those who can't make, I really hope is not due to mere ignorance. It's their loss! 

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