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Happy (belated) Birthday lalnghr & amym567 !

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happy birthday ladies. Enjoy your day and make the best of it :)

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Originally Posted by TammyB View Post
Happy belated Birthday you two.. So tell us what you guys did to celebrate?
Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a busy weekend because our AHR was held on Saturday! It's so sad that all my wedding events are over now! Anyway, we had a WONDERFUL time with our 270 guests!!! On Sunday, we had brunch at my in-law's house (Kevin's grandma, aunt, and cousins were in town for the reception), then they (and my parents) came over to our house to watch us open our gifts, then Kevin and I went to Chili's with my brother, his girlfriend, and my beautiful 3-month old niece, Baela, for dinner! It was a great day!

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