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I'm A Newbie!

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Originally Posted by Sam2012 View Post

Hi Norma-I noticed that you are getting married in 2012 also. How far are you in the wedding planning? I know we have plenty of time but my fiance and I have met with our travel agent and have already started paying on our big day! My colors are coral, white and green. I think I am using the boarding pass invitations. As you can see I am super excited in planning my WEDDING!!! Quick question we were thinking about sending the save the date cards out 11-12 months prior to our wedding what about you guys?

Hi Sam -


I'm sorry I'm responding so late but I just saw that you posted this and I didn't set this thread to send my instant messages.  I just changed it so I'll respond faster next time ;)


Anyway!  I'm so super excited about planning too and it feels like 2012 is so far away but I think it's best so we have enough time to plan!!  For me, I think the planning is going to start rolling later this year.  We have already booked our date with our resort and have signed our contract, which was the most important to us!  I've started on our invites and save the dates and have played around with a few monograms.  We finished our wedding website back in May and that was a huge task.  We wanted to be sure we had it done and sent out to everyone on May 5th, which was two years from our actual wedding date. Our wedding colors are, black and green (more of an olive/lime green) with earthy tones. As for save the dates, I think we are going to send those out about 8-10 months out.  Most of the people we're inviting already know about the wedding, so it's not such a big deal that we have to send these out.  For us, I think it's just a formality.  Then in October, I'm going to go dress shopping.  So excited about that!  It's still early for it but we're planning on taking our engagements next year and I want to take my bridals around the same time.  I just want to be sure that if I have to order a dress, that it will get here in time.  We have also started looking for a travel agent but for us, it's been kinda hard.  They can't give us an accurate rate because the 2012 rates do not come out until 330 days from our departure date -- BUT we are still doing our research to try and figure out what would be the best deal.  For the most part, it's been a lot of researching and getting ideas, making notes of everything we need to be aware of, etc.  I think once I get my dress, it's going to become more real!!  Slowly but surely it's coming along :) 


How is your planning coming along? 

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