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Sea Glass

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that sound like a great idea, I found the shell toss idea on this forum and will incorporate that at the end of my ceremony, I think it makes a very nice photographic moment as well as being sentimental.

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This is a lovely sentiment! So sweet!

Originally Posted by katelynn View Post

Hey everyone,

This forum has given me SO MUCH information for my wedding and has truly made it what I have always dreamed of.

I thought I would share something I am going to do. We have gotten sea glass which we are going to attach to card stock and have a poem on it. We are going to leave it on the seats at the reception with our tears of joy packets. We are going to ask for them back and have a vase in our house with the sea glass in it that will sit next to our sand ceremony frame.

We thought this was a nice way to include everyone and for everyone to put their best wishes into. We will also have the person marrying us say this in the opening when we thanks everyone for coming.

This is the poem:

Hold this magical sea glass in your hand and be reminded of the sandy beach, the salty air, the pounding waves, seashells and driftwood, and the blue sky and sea.

And be reminded of this special day of Kate & Mikeâ€s wedding.

Just like the turbulent tides and the calm seas, their marriage will have its ups and downs, and just like this sea glass, it will become even more beautiful, and it will endure the test of time.


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