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Originally Posted by PaulaV View Post
Very niiiiice Twink!

Okay, okay... so he obviously wants to start wearing it...
Set a date already! Hehe, I know, I know... there are many things to consider right now.

BTW... when I pulled up the last link, I saw you peering under some very nicely groomed eyebrows! I love them! I have to go find the other thread now to read about the experience.

We were talking the ring the other night and I said something about him being excited to wear it for real. Well, as the conversation evolved, he basically said he's ready to get married now--- regardless of whether it's at the courthouse next week or going to Vegas in a month or two, etc... Guess we need to actually sit down and start coming up with a plan. Well, more like decide which of our 10 plans we actually want to go with. :)

Adamsgrrl: Not sure about designer, but we got it at Jared's. The lady said it was a new design they had gotten in recently. Frank said it grabbed his attention as he walked past the men's wedding band case, so later we went back over to look at bands and that was the one he wanted.

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That's cute how Frank wants to keep it as a secret. I think that's really sweet. thanks for sharing it with us, it's a real beaut. You have good taste :)

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