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My proposal

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so now that one of my lovely bridesmaid took the time to write our proposal for are wedding website... I thought that I would share it.


The Date: September 15, 2009


The Place: Keiser Univeristy


How he did it: On a very very busy Tuesday I was shuffling away trying to complete my tasks for the day as an intern at Keiser, it was almost the end of my shift. I was always on my tippy toes there because as an intern, my position was not secure and I wanted to keep my job. From the corner of my eye I spot Giovanni. "He Showed up at my job?" I thought. Then I see that with him he has my beloved Chihuahua Coco. Immediately I get nervous, My hands tremble and I think "omg! why is Coco here?! I don't want to lose my job!" I was so busy, and at the time so nervous that I didn't notice a very cleverly placed engagement ring around Coco's neck. OH let me not forget to mention that the ring was around her neck in a pair of Victoria's Secret Thongs that said "I do."


My thoughts.. "omg you're at my job doing this right now" (yes guys this is what I thought as my loving boyfriend proposed to me) I spoke.. one word, "YES!"


So I finished my shift (yes I actually went back to work, I was an intern, remember?!)and there you have it.

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