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Our TTD / Day After photos were blogged today! I just love them, they are amazing!


It was so much fun to walk around town and get pictures taken! We did get some odd look but mostly people were lovely - we even had 1 guy run after us to suggest locations to shoot!


The beach pictures were taken at Concha Chinas, just down the road from our hotel. It was lovely and quiet, with loads of texture. By the time we got to the beach though, I was tired, hungry and hot (we had been shooting for like 3h by then!) and so I was pretty much done, but you can't tell at all in the pictures! Amazing. Now I want to go back and do it all over again!


You can see the photos here Magalie + Travis | Puerto Vallarta Day After Session.


To find out more about my photographers, Amber Hughes and her 2nd shooter Michael Wachniak - check out the post / review I wrote about our wedding photos! It's also in my signature.



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Magalie they're wonderful!! Such great shots & you looked beautiful! We were in the same general area 2 weeks later! (started up a bit from Guadalupe Square in the residential area) And we shared the same minister!! Love it!

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