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Cancun Palace

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Originally Posted by marnyh View Post


I just finalized my date at Cancun Palace for Feb 3, 2011. Excited, nervous, and overwhelmed, but it is real now.

Congratulations Marnyh! Your wedding is right around the corner.

How is planning going for your wedding?

I am looking into gettting married at the Sun Palace or Cancun Palace resort in May 2011.

Are you getting an outside photographer?

What location did you choose for your ceremony at the Cancun Palace? If you have photos and info you can share I would love to see it. If you can email it to me kimbos601@aol.com.


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Where is my brain you already got married at I was thinking you were getting married March 3rd. Hope everything went perfect. I would love to see pic's!

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Marnyh - Congratulations on your recent wedding!  I hope everything was fantastic and more than you were expecting.  When you have a chance, can you please give all of us some details on your recent nuptials at Cancun Palace.  I am trying to decide between Dreams Cancun and Cancun Palace, so your feedback is most appreciated.


Thank you and best wishes!



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Yes, congrats!!! we would love to hear about your recent wedding as Cancun Palace is one of my top choices as well!

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Hello Dear how are you wellcome to the forum and happy planning this a great resort is it has 3 different gazebos they are agreat and areas they have for you to have your wedding pictures is just great.


see what people said

me and my new husband travelled from england to get married at the moon palace hotel.
we chose the tucan gazebo as we liked the river and the pond that surrounded it.
our whole wedding day was better than we expected.
our organiser was elisa, very nice lady. i chose the horse and carriage which is well worth the money. 


everything in the package was very good value for money.
our eveing dinner was at the italian restaurant at the golf course, this is a la cart and i would reccomend this or your wedding dinner, we saw a couple queing for buffett which i dont find romantic at all.


Astrid & Martin


Cancun Wedding Photo















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