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Another Thank you card question...

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Okay so I know that it's considered very poor etiquette to send out pre-printed Thank You cards, and this is definitely not what I was thinking of doing but here's what I'm confused about. The cards I was planning to make included a picture from our collection of professional shots on the front with a simple Thank You written below it. On the inside I was still planning to hand-write a thank you to all of our guests for their attendance or gift etc. Is this okay to do?


The other option I was thinking of is having just our picture on the front (oh yes, and I designed it to look like it is already matted so you could actually frame the card as a picture) and then have Thank You printed on the inside, plus a personalized hand-written note as well.


I realize both are similar concepts of course but I'm just not sure if this idea still falls in to that category of "what not to do" for your thank you cards, or if it would be acceptable because I still plan to write my own thank you for each card. I'm feeling horrible because I haven't sent out our cards yet anyways so I'm hoping to get this figured out quickly!

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My feeling is that if you take the time to hand write a thank you you are within perfect etiquette. Regardless of what the front says or even if you print a gratitude inside the card, a personalized note speaks 1000 times.

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Thank you both! I really just needed to have opinions that were *outside* my own head so I'm happy that this should work! I wound up ordering a combination of cards so that some had a pre-printed thank you on the inside and others don't, but all had the same front picture of hubby and I. That way we can write our own msg in all of them and make sure that even some of our family who didn't make the wedding or send us gifts or anything will still get a card and a few pictures anyways, but not a random thank you! I can't wait for them to get here... should be in the next day or two!

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