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Need Suggestions on hair and makeup for brown brides in the Playa del Carmen area

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Thanks for posting your hair and makeup to share with us! I love the way your makeup turned out! I decided not to go with Norma (although I heard she was very good) because my resort charges a 350.00 vendor fee. Next month, I will be able to share my reviews on hair and makeup as well!

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Hi all


I went to do a site visit a few weeks ago and had a trial done by Norma Fernandez - who works for MAC in Cancun.  She is SUUUUPER nice and did an AWESOME job for my trial and her prices are soo much more reasonable compared to a few other artists in town.  She brought another girl with her, Lesley, to do my hair and i had my reservations about how she did. I literally came out of the pool, washed my hair and plopped down for my trial - yes a sopping mop of tangled mess.  I don't know any other worse scenario I could have given Lesley so I was thinkng to myself- if i come out of this half decent she's good.  I need a ton of heat for my hair - and its THICK-  i swear i have enough hair for two people. and its long.  my fears were suddenly alleviated when after blow drying my hair out into a crazy 'fro, she whipped out a chi flat iron.  :)   about a half hour later of curling and twirling i had a fancy wavy updo that she fastened with some kind of clip and rubber band and bobby pins.  I want to wear my hair up for the ceremony and dinner then let it out and down for the dancing. I didn't get too specific with style - i just let Norma and Jen do their thang and it turned out really really awesome.  My fi was there and I think he really really liked it b/c my makeup just looked like an enhancement of me - i didn't look a completely different person. the makeup felt light -  I asked for natural and to play up my eyes with lashes.  and it came out great!  i'm posting a random pic of what my hair looks like natural - and then the "after" pics.  any questions  just ask!

Picture 80.png

natural hair - but brown when this pic was taken


Picture 36.png

in the process - with the sun on me - see that frizzy hair! lol


Picture 34.png


Picture 35.png

all done! 

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Oh that's unfortunate - good luck - i'm sure you will look beautiful! 


For other brides on the hunt for makeup/hair artists:  Our hotel had preferred vendors as well.  I don't know if it's just me but for things like hair and makeup (in the grand scheme of things) I don't think they apply in terms of vendor fees.  I can see for furniture rentals, decor, florists, etc ..yes there's a reason why you use the hotel vendors (they have to work together in the event setup)  but for things so personal as a makeup artist - I can't see them imposing a vendor fee on you...  If I said I had a friend who lives in Cancun who's coming to do my makeup I wouldn't even entertain my hotel saying they would impose a vendor fee... seriously? this is my face we're talking about lol. If I thought it was going to be an issue,  I wouldn't even tell them about the makeup artist.  I would just tell the makeup artist to come to my room at designated time and pay them  cash and be done with it.  If you wanted to further circumvent the issue you could pay via paypal so there's no money exchange at the site.  Don't forget you are in control - you are bringing the hotel business by having your wedding there. I think it's easy for them to concede on things like vendor fee on makeup artists. 

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MsGlave - Is it possible to have your hair straw set right before you leave? I don't know if you sleep all wild like me and can't keep a style for more than two days

{ :) } but I find with having my hair set I never really like the way it falls on the first day. It just always seems to lay better the second day {I have natural hair i''m growing out too} 

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Hi Ladies,


I'm back from my wedding and wanted to give you an update!



I DO NOT recommend Adrian for makeup. I had my hair and makeup trial scheduled for the same day. Adrian had told me the trial would only take 45min-1hr. We were supposed to meet at the front desk and he never showed. When Doranna (hair stylist) arrived, I had been waiting on him for over an hour. BTW, I HIGHLY reommend Doranna! She was sooooooooo sweet, punctual, knew her stuff and HOOKED MY HAIR UP! Those of you who've been around know that I was really nervous because my hair is very thick and unrelaxed but Doranna was GREAT! She is also cheaper than Fernando. She gave me great sggestions, knew her stuff, got my hair straight and it held up to the humdity!!!


Anyway I was telling Doranna about Adrian not showing up. She knows him and was saying that's not like him. Anyway, she called his cell phone. He was sooo apologetic. He said he had gone to the wedding center to meet with me (although the email correspondence said front desk). Adrian was willing to come back anytime to do my trial and discount our services. So, I agreed for him to come at 7am the next morning (the day before the wedding). Let me say that Adrian was a BALL of fun! My girls and I had soooo much fun with him! He was even empathetic when I had my meltdown and started crying. It was like a scene out of bridezila, lol! I'll tell you all about that later. Anyway, it took Adrian like 4 hrs. to do my trial. WTH? What happened to 45 min to 1 hr? I missed the meeting with the WC & witnesses, the meeting with the DJ and breakfast with my FI (at the time :-)).  Of course, I didn't trip because I was just concerned that the makeup looked great.


I was not in love with the makeup. I have an area on my lower jawbone/chin with dark spots and even with the concealer and makeup on, you could see them. You could see dry skin through the makeup (WTH?) didn't you use a moisturizer? He had filled in my eyebrows with a heavy black pencil which made me look like something off a horror movie. Worst yet was that the foundation was not the right shade for me. I will say that Adrian was very understanding and continued to make every change that I asked. He was very patient (and funny) and continued to try to make it better,  Finally, we came up with a look that I was ok with (still didn't love) but was ok with-thinking that having it airbrushed would last longer that if I had applied it.

Anyway, the night before the wedding I DID NOT SLEEP.  In the middle of the night, I checked my email and Adrian had emailed me earlier in the day (the same day he had done my trial) to say that he had to go to Mexico City on the day of my wedding and would be to me by 1. wtf.gifAre you FUC@@@g serious??????????? My wedding was at 3!!!! It took him 4 hrs to do a passable look and now you want to come two hours before the wedding. Keep in mind that he had 5 bridesmaids to do and one guest. Adrian had previously told me that he was going to come at 8am and bring two assistants. Now, you're telling me that at 8, you WILL NOT be there but you would send your assistants??? I have NEVER seen their work and you are not their to supervise them? Not being funny, but it was obvious from the hard time Adrian had matching my complexion that they were not used to doing makeup for African-Americans. Now, you want to send two assistants to do my whole party and you show up basically when I should be finishing? SOOOOOO NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! I emailed him back to tell him that would not be acceptable. There was no real apology or anything. I couldn't believe it!!!!


Luckily, I had visited the MAC store before I left home and replenished my foundation and powder. Thanks to you ladies, I knew there was a MAC store on 5th so my MOH and a couple of bridesmaids ran over before the wedding to get the eyeshadow colors I liked from the trial. Since I had never worn eyelashes before and was not sure how the individuals  would look, my MOH brought strips with her. So, I ended up doing my foundation, my MH did my lashes, and my cousin (who is good at makeup) did my shadow, blush and lips. Guess what??? It turned out PERFECTLY!!!!!!!! I loved my makeup. It looked so much better than what Adrian had done and saved me money.


Let me tell you, I was seriously stressed when I read his message. He had also told me to make sure my brows were cleaned up when we got there, but during my trial, we discussed that he was going to do them. The trial was a COLOSSAL waste of my time (1/2 day) for nothing! As nice as Adrian is, I would definitely NOT recommend him!


Let me know if there's any other questions!

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