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Elizabeth Medina

A beautiful Destination Wedding... Jehda and Ken Wedding and TTD Photos

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Hi there! Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I think I could become addicted to posting photos here so if I get caught up on my editing and emails (it could happen, right?) and start to get carried away posting photos someone please let me know .embarrest.gif


Greysgirl, yes she is a BDW bride and she told me that the forum was a huge help in planning her wedding and especially finding her vendors. cheer2.gif No surprise there! Go BDW! I LOVED the dress too, I had never seen one like it and it was light as a feather, I want to say that it is from a French designer.


Mateo, yup, Yasmin totally rocked your wedding but I can´t believe it has been that long! what.gif Where has the time gone?


Kate, I miss you too! love.gif I hope you are having a beautiful summer and taking lots of photos!


Babestaaa, Sorry I had missed your question, each resort seems to have its own policies and I would recommend asking about their requirements directly if choosing your own photographer is something that is important to you.


thanks again and best wishes!

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