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Our Dreams Los Cabos June 4th Wedding!

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Wow, we really had the most amazing wedding! It definitely exceeded my expectations! I can't believe how much fun everyone had, how nice everyone at Dreams is, and what an unbelievably terrific coordinator Mariana is - she made everything perfect!


We started the wedding events the night before, on June 3rd, with a welcome/rehearsal dinner (after a quick rehearsal at the gazebo with Mariana). We had a Mexican buffet (with fish tacos, too!) and it was really great! They served margaritas, as well as a full bar and we rented the sound system for our iPOD. Kurt had made a terrific Mexican/Spanish-y playlist and it was so much fun!


The next day (wedding day!) we all had to start getting ready quite early, so while the guys golfed, my matron-of-honor and I had a massage at the spa. They goofed up our reservation, so we weren't able to get them done at the same time, but it worked out fine and the massage was nice. All my bridesmaids (8 of them!) and mothers (3 of them!) got their hair and make-up done by Suzanne Morel (review below). We followed by starting photos at 3:45pm in the lobby by Gilda Badillo. The wedding started at 5pm, cocktail hour at 5:30pm, and reception at 6:30pm. The timing was perfect!


OK, so here are the vendor reviews (I know that's what you want!) wink.gif


Mariana Martinez - A+++++++++++++++++++++++++

AKA: Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaire! She's amazing, I don't know what else to say about her! She has the best attitude, does everything she can do to make your life easier, and makes it all so beautiful! She works harder than anyone I know! I adore her.


Dress: Pearl's Place - A++++

Pearl's Place

I found a dress that I adored, and they beat the price but quite a lot! They were great to work with, and everything they promised came together perfectly. Would definitely, definitely recommend them!


Veil: Lena Lena Design Studio - A+++++

Lena Lena Design Studio by salchar on Etsy

Loved, adored, want to keep wearing it! I can't imagine a prettier veil. I'm obsessed with it actually. This seller was great to work with (via Etsy) and I would highly recommend buying from them.


Travel Agent: Tammy Wright - A++++

Tammy kept me sane throughout the process! I could always email her, ask questions, get feedback, and she was always there for me! We were lucky enough to have her in Cabo while we were there, and every so often she would check in with me to be sure things were coming together as planned, and that I was keeping sane. It was so great to just know she was local, just in case! She really made our wedding possible, from her recommendations, to calming me down, to helping make big decisions. This forum has been amazing, and I thank her for everything!


Travel Agent: Teresa Stauring at Vacations for Less - A+

Teresa was great to work with, and made the travel and hotel arrangements for us guests easy as pie! Everything was organized and professional, and I thank her for making things so easy for us and our many guests. Such a pro!


Dreams Resort - A-

We really loved the resort. It's so pretty when you walk in, and you get champagne at check-in (which despite the rumors, was actually quite decent!). They are mostly getting the A-, rather than A+ on this review because of the front desk. There are two people who are GREAT, but the rest of them really seem to do the least they can do to help you. We didn't have as great of a room as we had hoped, which really disappointed Kurt since this was our mini honeymoon and we brought a lot of people to the resort so we expected more. We were moved to a slightly better room, but still not completely satisfied. Mostly we were disappointed with the front desk's response, since we were spending so much money there and expected a bit of special treatment. Besides that, the rooms were clean, the staff overall was excellent, the food was good and it was so beautiful! Everyone had a great time there, and we are a picky bunch! Sure, the food is not the best you've ever had, but it's good and the seafood is great! Coco Café has the BEST iced blended coffee drinks - we were all addicted! I wish I had one now in fact!


Hair & Makeup by Suzanne Morel - A-

These ladies know what they are doing for sure! Everyone's hair and makeup was beautiful, so that's all the really matters! I gave the A- because of two things:


1. My hair did not look good at all at first (none of us liked it at all), although they were eager to fix it. However, the translator gave me totally attitude and told me that I told her that I wanted the top portion of my hair "beachy". Anyone who knows me knows that those words would never escape my mouth. What I actually said was that I didn't want the top and sides plastered to my head, as it happens in up-do's sometimes. That was annoying -- you never give the bride attitude.


2. My up-do was falling down at the reception, so I don't think they used enough pins or spray. However, my hair is really silky, and doesn't take well to up-do's, so this isn't completely their fault.


3. Suzanne can be very forceful and opinionated. I like her, but at times I felt like I wasn't being heard. So my advice is to speak up, say what you need, and repeat if necessary.


Overall, they are well worth the money and I would certainly hire them again!! They are extremely organized, are extremely talented, and made us all very beautiful!


Photography: Gilda Badillo

I am going to wait to review her until we get our photos, because how can you really do a proper review without them?


Spanish Guitar (Ceremony and Cocktail hour): Arturo Sotomayor - A+++



Arturo is the sweetest man, and did such a beautiful job playing guitar at our ceremony and cocktail hour. He even came up to us after and gave us a CD of his music, which was so sweet! He was the best choice, and I'm so glad we hired him. Our guests commented several times about how amazing his music was, and how lovely he played!


DJ Ricardo - A+++++

Love him. He really is so good at his job, and is obviously passionate about it. He did such a great job making sure that the evening flowed smoothly, followed the schedule well, even with a few last minute changes thrown in, and played great music all night to keep the crowd dancing. We really, really liked him from the first meeting the day before, and all the organized email communication. You should hire him without question!


Cupcakes and Birthday Cakes by Jennifer Hatton - A++++

Loved her work, and loved working with her! She's great, organized and did everything perfectly, even picking up special cupcake stuff from the resort from me. She made us two different birthday cakes, and 50 cupcakes and it was all beautiful!


Florist: Lola @ Florenta Flowers - A+++

Another vendor who we just adored. My email communication with her was for 6 months and she was always patient and helpful. She did beautiful flower bouquets for us, and made us beautiful centerpieces. Everything was perfect, and I'm so glad we hired her. She's just so sweet!


Lunas De Fuego - A

They do a great show! They are not just "fire dancers", but real dancers, so they move beautifully and put on a great show. I'd give them an A+ but they are really expensive, and I'm not sure we got the full 15 minute show (although I could have just been me!). They are terrific though, and worth the money. I wouldn't hesitate hiring them again! Our guests were so impressed, and when we saw a fire dancing show at the resort a couple days later, we realized just how spectacular they really were!


Wedding Food - A-

Everything was quite good! The only disappointment was the ravioli, which unfortunately was cold in the center (which is quite disgusting, biting into cold ravioli). The caprese salad was great, the lime sorbet delicious, and the surf & turf very good! The steaks were a bit overdone, but tender. I didn't have a chance to try the chocolate mousse or the mahi-mahi, but I hear it was quite good.


Ecocat Catamaran - B+

The day after the wedding we did a catamaran tour of Cabo on Ecocat, which was great! The only complaints weren't their fault - it was sooo windy and chilly out on the water during sunset! Besides that, the meal was good, basic but good, the staff was fun, and the scenery beautiful! We had fun dancing on the deck on our way into the dock! Definitely would do this again - just check the weather!


Mariana also got us 3 foot sparklers and brown rattan chargers, which really added to the reception! We loved how everything looked, and the sparklers made me giggle and smile! I love fireworks, so this was the closest thing we had to it at the reception.


Having a destination wedding was the smartest choice we could have made. we loved every minute of the time we spent with family and friends, and couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate!


For photos, please visit this link:


Our Wedding pictures by jenncorumkolinski - Photobucket


xoxo, Jenn

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I forgot to add Reverend Marco to my review -- how could I?! He was amazing - we loved him, so sweet, fun, caring and kind. Our ceremony was very special, and he has an amazing warmth. If you are looking for an officiant, do not hesitate to contact him! A+++!

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Originally Posted by MissPozzi View Post
Congratulations!!!! I am contemplating have my wedding in 2012 in Dreams Los Cabos, your review helped alot thank you!!!
MissPozzi, I had contemplated a lot and had some hesitation about having my wedding there, but it turns out to be the best decision I could have made!! Please feel free to ping me with any questions about the resort. :)

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