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Review of Duane Peck photographer at our wedding - Majestic Colonial

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Our wedding was on March 2, 2010 at the Majestic Colonial. It was a beautiful day despite the previous days and days after which it rained! Duane Peck was our photographer and he took great pictures of the wedding. You can see the blog posting here!


Duane Peck Photography DigitalStudios.org: Married in the DR!


Duane's unique style of shooting and professional attitude was what we received on our destination wedding at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. From the long layover on his plane ride all the way from California, Duane's lack of sleep and jet-lag did NOT compromise his professionalism one bit! My wife and I were really impressed by his energy and motivation to take the photos for us!


Our day started out with the separate photos of us getting ready, groom then bride. Lots of details were taken into account with lighting and lens/settings. As a photographer myself, I know it's important to shoot with manual settings and adjustments every shot since the lighting can change with any angle. He did just that! Every shot was checked on the settings with aperture/shutter speed and focal length.


For the ceremony, he got the crucial and most memorable moments but not getting into anyone's way! We never even really noticed him there at all! All the family and group photos were excellent as well, taken in both cloud cover lighting and direct sunlight.


The following formal photos and reception photos were again excellent with taking attention to what we'd want but also his suggestion of his usual photo cycle. ISO was kept to a minimum as to not create too much noise, which was absolutely great! Even though the D3 and D700 can take up to 6400ISO without issues, he never went above 2500 ISO!


For the "trash the dress" shoot, we shot outside of the resort and with the grungy places we went, he made them into awesome photos that you would find in museums and resort brochures! Cool poses and backgrounds with the local people made the pictures extremely unique!


The most important part that Duane did for us was the fact that he included the original .NEF files and also his adjustments made, using Lightroom catalog. This is what makes or breaks a photographer. With the availability of the original .NEF files, we were able to create our own effects and export/re-size photos without quality degradation and send them off to a professional printing company with excellent results! Without Duane's Lightroom catalog, our prints wouldn't have turned out so great!!


Without a doubt if anyone asks us which wedding photographer we would recommend, we won't hesitate for a second to mention Duane Peck. He made our wedding into a memorable photo package which we can look back anytime for the rest of time together!

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Beautiful pictures! Do you mind me asking the total cost of flying him out and total photo package? I'm considering if its really worth it and it looks like it truly was for you after seeing your pictures :)

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Originally Posted by sebitasalejo View Post
Those pictures are breathtaking. And I love the shoes too! I am considering Majestic as my wedding venue. Can I send you a PM with some questions about your reception?
Sure send away!

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