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::PICS:: Tried on my wedding look!

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You look fantastic, Karima!


I know, it's hard not to want to wear you gown every minute when the FI's not around, right?!? That's why I'm sort of glad mine was still at the bridal salon until about a week before we left...or I'd have had it on all the time! wink.gif


I ADORE the veil, and your gown fits you like a dream....and with August just around the corner, it'll be SHOWTIME for real before you know it! Eeek! So excited for you!

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Originally Posted by MysTea View Post
Absolutely Beautiful! I love the Birdcage Veil...where did u get your from? still looking for a reasonably priced one for myself.
Hi! I actually purchased it from a bride on projectwedding.com. I'd be willing to sell it after my wedding if your interested though.

Thanks everyone!!

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