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Post Wedding Sale - New and Used Items

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I wanted to mention, if anyone is interested in any of the jewelry in the photos, it all is from CrystalMBoutique... wanted to share. And the photography is Michael Steingard... AMAZING!



CrystalMBoutique by CrystalMBoutique on Etsy


Wedding Pics with some Jewelry Shots (all bridesmaids and bridal)

Crystal and Matt


And again.. our photographer was Michael Steingard.... was the BEST decision we made in regards to our wedding! Highly recommend for those who are interested! Had some inquires and wanted to share as well:)

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How did you wear the birdcage veil? Was it with the hair poppy in the back of your hair? It looks beautiful either way. If it is not sold let me know! Or where did you get it? Looking for something similar for our evening reception...



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