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Jenetta's JPMO wedding photos

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Finally! My photos are in... unfortunately I don't have a slide show and haven't received the digital negative in order to create one. All in all I am happy with my photos but wished I had been ready earlier for more Bridal shots with the girls. It was also really hot so we didn't play in the sand as much as I would have liked.


WARNING: there's a ton of pics since I haven't created a favorites folder yet.


I am also a little concerned with how grainy my shots look. Is it just the monitor or the camera.


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event: polk/cousin


hopefully this link will work:


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Originally Posted by Christine View Post
I haven't looked at all of them, but you looked amazing! congrats on the wedding and the little one too...so many people got prego on their honeymoon.
Thanks I know about the preggo... you would think we planned it or something. It's amazing- the feeling of wedded bliss. If it could be bottled, I'd be rich or their best customer.
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