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Turks and Caicos Wedding

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Originally Posted by Lillie09 View Post
Hi! Glad to know there is someone else getting married in Turks and Caicos..I'm getting married in July 09. Yes I am working with NILA Destinations. Which wedding planner are you working with? How has your experience been? My fiance and I are planning on getting married on Grace bay beach and having a reception at Grace's cottage. Rosalind (the planner from NILA) hasn't responded to the e-mails though. I'm thinking they're busy this time of the year.
Looking forward to talking with you!
May and June are the busiest times of year for weddings here. Just in case you may want to email her again if you tried this weekend. The internet provider on island upgraded and changed servers last Friday and Saturday and although they promised no emails would be lost you never know.


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I am having my wedding at the Regent Palms we are actually just booking it today for May 2010. If you are considering them there service has been nothing but exceptional especially Martin Young. I was looking at Nikki Beach and Gansevoort also. Nikki also had pretty good service we were just unhappy with the man made beach and Gansevoort did not have very good service and was very pricy even with the group discount and the Palms is rated just as hi and has a good reputation with many prior weddings. So far so good but just in the very early stages.

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