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Turks and Caicos Wedding


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Actually, I emailed them all. I had a very quick response from The Palms & Parrot Cay, but Grace Bay took a day probably (not too bad!)


The Palms was great to work with, it's one of the nicer resorts and is pretty hip. We eventually decided against T&C b/c we had too many guests...the Palms can only accomodate up to 90 if I remember correctly. I think I posted what information I had from them on the Islands thread, let me find it.


Here is Parrot Cay:



I deleted the rest of my information after we decided on a location...sorry!

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I'm so happy i joined this board. Thanks for the info.

AnnKaley: When the time comes I'll definitely be asking about restaurnts because we want our reception in one. Thank you!


The wedding planner actually e-mailed me today and sent me so much info. I just need to sit down with my Fiance and discuss a budget.

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Just thought I'd chime in b/c I stayed at the Palms while a wedding was going on. The pool at the Palms is beautiful and obviously the beach and water are too, and T&C is great b/c there aren't many people on the beach - I was there in early December last year and could walk for a mile without seeing more than a few people! The wedding at the Palms was in a grassy courtyard area though - maybe b/c the beach isn't that big? I'd try to see if they have other options.


Also there is a place right next door that is even newer (and pricier) - I think it starts with an S. Somerset? They do weddings too, and the staff there seemed a lot more genuine and nice (or better trained?). They will have fireworks for your wedding (according to a Tripadvisor local specialist who had a sister getting married there). Also pretty pool, more room for tables, but not quite the same as The Palms.

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February is a pretty good time to go, if you are from somewhere cold. Dec, Jan and Feb are a little chilly, but if you are coming from the snow, I am sure you will think it is just fine. (while I was living there, I wouldn't put my big toe in the water in February...it is freezing!!!) Most of the storms come through from September through January. February isn't a big travel time down there, which is good for finding good prices.

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