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Dresses,parasols,conch shells,starfish dishes & big n small hair pins,starfish garter

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Hello, these items are for sale;


Satin wedding dress 700$

Chiffon wedding dress 70$

Ivory Satin parasol 25$

Turquoise paper parasol 10$

15 White starfish 15$

diamond-like 1 1/2" starfish hair pin 25$

5 - 1/2" diamond-like starfish hair pins 15$

Starfish garter 15$

6 turquoise Starfish dishes 5$/each

2 conch shells 5$/each


happy bidding!


PS: I am having a lot of trouble attaching photos, if this zip file does not work plz give me your email addy and I will gladly send you pictures, thanks :)




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