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Future Sandos Bride

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Well, this should be fun hearing all about what people have done before at my chosen resort! Looking forward to it all!


My name is Michelle and I hate making decisions! We are getting married the week of February 19, 2011 at the Sandos Playacar Beach Resort. So many choices! Bring it on!


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Hi Michelle - welcome to the forum!


You picked a great resort!!! haha! there is a thread specifically designated to Sandos Playacar brides - take a look! Its over 40 pages I think, but once you read it from start to finish - I dont really think you will have any questions left about that resort. lol

A coupke brides just got back from there recently and have also posted a review of the resort. Our resort of choice is not as highly sought after in comparison to all the "Dreams" brides, but we still have a lot of info for you on there.


Hope to see you there



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