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Photographer/Video Review::::Vanessa Vargas & Juan Alfredo Salcedo

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I figured it's about time that we post a formal review for Vanessa Vargas and Juan .


After a couple months of researching photographers and getting price quotes I stumbled upon Vanessa's website. I was immediately impressed with her work and I knew that if we could afford her rates that she was the one for us. So, we sent an email and unlike most of the others that I contacted she responded the same day. The price quote she gave us for a custom package with photo and video was very reasonable. And we found out that she is from a city in Puerto Rico right down the road from where we are considering a move to. Some of the other studios were not even willing to budge on their standard package prices.


The next step was to sign a contract (through email) to secure her for the date and send a deposit through paypal. The whole payment system involving paypal was comforting rather than sending a check through the Mexican mail system. All we had to do from that point on was wait. Over the following months I would email Vanessa every once in a while with questions or ideas about what we wanted and she was always helpful and prompt with replies.


Then came the wedding day. Our wedding was scheduled for 10Am and Vanessa was scheduled to arrive at Karen's room at 9Am for some getting ready photos. At 9 on the dot the doorbell rang in Karen's room and Vanessa was there. Karen and Vanessa immediately hit it off as friends and Vanessa stepped right up to help Karen get her dress on since her dressing assistant was a no show. Vanessa got some amazing photos of Karen and helped to keep Karen somewhat calmed down leading up to the big moment.


I first met Juan when I went down to the wedding site to wait for Karen. Juan had been running around Dreams getting video footage of the resort while Vanessa was with Karen. Juan was a pleasure to meet and talking to him and the judge while we were waiting was a big comfort to me as well.


Ceremony, cake and all that was and still is a blur for me. All the emotions and adrenaline made everything go so fast. Thankfully Vanessa and Juan knew what they were doing and were able to direct us along the way. They even got me to dance! I never dance. We got them back by making them do mandatory tequila shots with us when the photo session was all done.


Our custom package did not include any prints or albums and because of that we arranged to pick up our video and cd's with the photos on them in Cancun. Vanessa and Juan met us at out hotel in Cancun right on time and Juan had a portable DVD player to show us a little of the DVD. Again, we were so impressed with them and their work. After we got the cds and dvds we chatted for a a few minutes and we parted ways.


FINAL REVIEW NOTES: I am a photographer myself. I have done my share of wedding photography in the past so I think I may have a more critical eye for technique than the average bear. With that being said, I would recommend Vanessa and Juan to anyone and everyone. On a personal level, they are such wonderful people and so easy to get along with. It felt like we were hanging out with friends who were taking our picture and getting video of us. If and when we go back to Cancun we would love to get together with them for dinner or something just to see them again and catch up.

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Originally Posted by babycow View Post
Thanks again for all your awesome reviews. Vanessa Vargas was already at the top of my list but it help to hear some personal experiences. BTW: Love your Invitation with the tropical couple, where did you find the image?

I found the images in the invitation in a book of vintage Mexican travel graphics I have at home. I cut out the people, color blocks and such then scanned them into photoshop to compile them together. The funny thing about the people in the image is that they are from two completely different images in the book. I cut the woman out of a scene with her and a bunch of other women. The guy was on a boat in the original image in the book. It was sheer luck that they were at about the same scale and lighting.
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