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My Gorgeous Real Touch Flowers!!

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I had Plumeria's do my flowers too! Roberta is amazing. My wedding is in less than 2 months and I just received my flowers a few weeks ago! They are even more amazing and gorgeous in person. I believe Roberta does centerpieces as well. She has a website and a facebook page. I would contact her via email and see what she says. She is so great to work with. I've taken my flowers with me to my dress fittings and received so many compliments.


I also receive a bouquet and bout in my wedding package but wanted to be able to bring my flowers home with me. You can't go through customs with real flowers so that was part of my reasoning for going with fake flowers. I wanted orchids and cala's and going through the resort I would have had to pay extra to "upgrade" to those flowers plus I do nothave to worry about them wiliting.

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