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Today is our Legal Day!!!

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Thank you ladies! It was such a great intimate moment with just my fiance and his parents (unfortunately mine were unable to be there). We finished the night off with dinner in Del Mar overlooking the ocean. :)


May 27th will always be special to us, but we will celebrate our anniversary on June 21st (our wedding day in Cabo).


:) I am Mrs.! ....well sort of...LOL!

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Originally Posted by sungoddess_08 View Post


I know the feeling - it's been 2 years for us too, and our legal day is next Thursday!! It seems unreal! We decided to get married legally first, our ceremony is on June 28 (no one knows about the one next week except my parents). We are playing down the legal one a lot !! Still exciting nonetheless.

Which day will you celebrate your anniversary?


That's a very good question! Which day do you celebrate your anniversary ladies??

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