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Is it safe to go off resort in Dominican Republic? Photo Souvenier Photography

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There are several posts on here about girls going with Photo Souvenier  off the resort for their TTD and have been pleased.  They are highly recommended and I have hired them for my May wedding in Dominican.  We are doing a TTD and we will probably try to stay at the resort and do the shoot if its not too crowded because I will probably be hungover that morning (morning after the wedding) and very tired.  I get HIGHLY car sick so I don't think I will feel like getting in any car that morning (even if it is a short ride).  Plus we may want some "jumping in the pool shots"  I have to discuss with the FI.  We got engaged in the DR last Summer and we LOVED it there which is why we wanted to get married on the beach there.  We never felt scared, ever, and we didn't want to leave.  We stayed at the Excellence which is pretty far out so we saw some "towns" and still didn't find anything to be unsafe.  We have both traveled the world, so maybe that helped and I lived in NYC for several years, but I feel Dominican people are very nice and all should be fine. smile29.gif

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