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Matt Adcock

del Sol - Wedding fun in the Rain

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Originally Posted by keellin@gmail.com View Post


I had the incredible pleasure to make new friends the day of my wedding: Matt Adcock from Del Sol Photography and by default, his beautiful wife Sol. Here goes the story: since I was a little girl, I loved playing in the rain at my grand mother's house, and my wedding dream was to have a good picture to pass on to the next generations; yes  I also  wanted a guy with a good heart, and pretty eyes. The day of the wedding was not perfect, there was a monsoon rain storm and we had to change all the plans, needless to say it was very stressful, people missing, re-planning the entire outdoor wedding, etc, but my new friend Matt was there and made it seam like it was all going to be ok, he was part of the party, the drama, and to top it all he was willing to go outside and play with us on the rain.  You can't fight nature, so we embraced it and Matt came out with us and the rainbow that came from this amazing picture. It is on my phone and everywhere I go, random people ask me to see it and tell me it should be in a cover of a magazine, I am very proud of him and his work. My dreams came true as I married someone with pretty eyes, a good heart, and Matt gave me a picture beyond anything I could have dram of; on top of that I made a new friend. Congratulations Matt and forever thank you for the memories and good times. 


Keellin, thank you for posting here, your wedding photo in the rain that started this thread was an amazing photo moment for me, seriously loving that.


Just FYI,  scored a 2nd place in the Wedding Photojournalism Association's contest recently with this image.... pretty rockin shot I think and apparently some pretty super judges with outstanding photojournalism accolades think that too :)






when it rains, embrace the rain!

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Originally Posted by Matt Adcock View Post


Originally Posted by krsmith View Post

WOW! This picture is so creative! I love it! Who knew rain would be such a great setting?!



How about rain during your first dance?



Well hey, if it resulted in such EPIC pictures...I don't think I would mind TOO much! :)

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Such an amazing photo! Del Sol turns difficult natural elements into pure art! Fabulous photo.

Originally Posted by Matt Adcock View Post

Well, it happens to the best of us every so often, a rainy wedding day.

Recently, I was shooting a wedding at Dreams Tulum here in the Riviera Maya and they sky was just POURING hardcore rain. Rain Rain Rain, and serious rain too. Buckets, cats and dogs, etc.

Keellin+ John's big day was not about to be ruined by some stupid rain cloud, no way! Keellin has to be one of the biggest spirited brides I've ever encountered on a rainy day... I've had a few in my career, for sure Keellin took everything with a smile and the end result was a photo of a lifetime.

Really, this kind of photo is one that we photographers dream about making, just a beautiful shot as well as a technically difficult shot to make. A shot that is impossible to make without the rain!!!

Here is what del Sol does with a rainy day :)

Click the image to open in full size.

Congrats Keellin and John!!!


I'll update the full slideshow when we get the edit complete...this is a preview photo for her.

PS. Wanna read about my thought process behind the making of this imagehuh.gif Check out our creative flash lighting blog where we talk about the how to's of the shots.


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Amazing photo!

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