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Did you use an Ipod instead of a DJ? Please help : )

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Hi girls,


Let me apologize in advance b/c I'm going to post this on the knot, the best destination forum and the PV brides group---I just really want a lot of opinions!


We've signed a DJ through our hotel and for five hours, it is going to cost $975 after service fees and taxes. I was okay with this (although I keep seeing on here that people have gotten better deals!!), but the thing is, the hotel coordinator says he/she probably won't be able to speak english, so we should have one of our friends/family do the announcements, etc.


I started worrying about who to ask/impose this upon when it occurred to me that many of you girls have just done the whole ipod and sound system thing and really seemed to have liked it. I started thinking, if we had to MC the whole thing from within our group, why not just play the music ourselves toohuh.gif I must admit, this option seems a bit daunting/scary to consider : )


So, my FI and I are wondering:


Did you do this?


How, exactly, did you handle it for the ceremony, bridal dances and announcement interruptionshuh.gif (I don't' mind explicit, step-by-step instructions, opinions, etc.!!!)


Who "handled" it for you?


If you had to do this all over again, would you?


Anything else that we need to know?


We'll be having about 40 guests (if that matters) and if you want to email me, I'm at heathers7 at gmail dot com.



Thank you, thank you, thank you (again)!

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We're still not sure in regards to the DJ/I pod issue. I think we may go with the I pod though as long as we can find someone to run it. I'm thinking one of my cousins would be ok with that duty. He's 16 and would feel special i imagine playin DJ. He's super outgoing too which helps.


Where is this PV brides group? I'm curious if they have any more info on the Riu.


good luck in your search!

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Yep, there is a lot of good info on there.....isn't as active as some of the other boards, but has a wealth of info from previous posts, etc!!


It works like other yahoo groups, with a moderator who gives access, I believe...although all PV Brides are welcome!!!


I'm not sure how to exactly give the link, but if you go to Yahoo! Groups - Join or create groups, clubs, forums & communities


and where you can search for groups, type in PVBrides


Hope that helps!!

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we're currently dealing w/ the same issue - we wanted an mc, and didn't want to impose on our friends...but then we realized that it REALLY wouldn't be all that much talking, plus we're paying for some/most of 2 ppl's trips (bad english, sorry), so they owe us wink.gif

we found a dj that doesn't mc that's $545 for 4 hrs. i know nothing about him, but hope that he's good!

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We are also using an IPOD and we purchased a docking station that we love, its so loud and sounds so good!


We are having about 22 people, so its a smaller group, but I think as long as you're not having an enormous group it still works well.


And as far as the announcements, I'm still figuring this out, but my brother is a musician so I'm fairly certain I can get him to help with operating the IPOD during the ceremony and stuff and I may just write out what I want said as far as the first dance, father daughter dance, etc, and then pick someone to make the announcement.

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we bought our own docking station because it was going to be $130 per hour to rent dreams and use our own ipod.


here is the link for the one we bought, we got it off of ebay. a couple of other girls have used the same one, I like that it gets really loud and still sounds good.


this ebay seller has a "best offer feature" so I started off offering I think $90and we negotiated from there, I ended up paying $105 plus shipping.


And I got it within 2 days I think, it was super fast.


NEW* Altec Lansing iM7 Portable iPod Speaker Dock - (item 220126077767 end time Jul-08-07 01:11:22 PDT)

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