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Legal vs. Church Wedding

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I was wondering if anyone has had the experience with getting married legally in Mexico (with the judge present or whatever) and then coming home and getting it blessed in the church. Here is my dilemma, my FI and I are both Catholic so we really wanted to get married in the mission in San Jose. However when we got there to go look at it, my FI and parents really didn't like it. I didn't mind it (it is a beautilful but old mission) but it's his wedding too. So here is my new plan; get legally married in Mexico and have my future father-in-law "marry" us on the lawn of Cabo Surf. That way we have complete control over the ceremony and then when we come home, get married again in the Catholic Chirch with just our parents as witnesses. I know this seems like alot of "getting married" but it is really important to us to have it blessed by the church and have our children raised Catholic. Any suggestions would help. Or if you could tell me your experience, that would be great! Thanks!

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My experience is a little different but for what it's worth...


We got married civilly in L.A. before going to Mexico in June for our "big" wedding. We are having our church (Catholic) ceremony this September. We completed all the prerequisites earlier this year (pre-cana, sacrament verifications, couples quiz, meetings with Priest). It may be different where you are. We've been working with a priest here in L.A. who has prepared our packet of paperwork. The 3rd wedding (lol) is about 400 miles from here so I'm basically forwarding the packet to the deacon who will be conducting our church ceremony.


This will be the last wedding for sure, we're having a reception for this one too.

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we did our legal ceremony at home and had my FIL marry us down there. my husband is Catholic and at one point felt very strongly about the church, but the more that we discussed it the more that we both came to the conclusion that we would be getting married in the church more for his mom than anything - neither of us attend regularly at this point.


we may have our marriage blessed in the future but at this point it is not a priority. I will say that if you are open to doing so, doing the legal cermony in the US sure seems a whole lot easier than in cabo.

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