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Moving 350 miles south to LA 6 weeks before our wedding?!?! Nervous breakdown NOW!

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Thank you all SO much for the words of encouragement! Reading this really made me feel a ton better! I haven't been on the forum much because everything has been out of control, but things are settling down a bit. We went down this weekend to find a place, and we just found out today that we got approved! Also, it looks like it is about 3 blocks away from a very old friend that I recently reconnected with. I'm super excited about that!


Ryan is driving down there as we speak- his first day at work is tomorrow! I'm so freaking proud of him. Seeing his stregth through all of this is helping a ton.


Also, a friend of ours that works from home offered to take Crosby (the doggy) for a couple of weeks while I get things packed up and so I can not feel so guilty about not giving him attention. He said it will be like a summer camp wink.gif


Thanks again ladies- I'm so excited about this new journey!!!!

Originally Posted by vlvetter7 View Post
Jannae- I can't even imagine what you're giong through right now. Wish there was something I could do but unlikely seeing as I'm in Massachusetts...as Lindsey said, continue to work out and do things for you! You deserve it! Can't wait to hear about the house search...oh, and what kind of dog do you have?
He's a papillon. The cutest little guy on earth!!


Originally Posted by hat0112 View Post
Jannae- Iâ€m sorry you have to go through this one month before your wedding! I wish I could help but I am in PA. My FI and I JUST finished moving into a new house. We bought a new house on 3/10 and finally finished repairs on the old house and moving all our stuff into the new house. And finally got the old house on the market last Friday. I only moved 30 minutes away, but I can understand how stressed you probably are. Moving is a lot of work, but just remember how great it will feel in a 6 weeks being in LA with your new hubby with his sweet new job! Just take one day at a time and every thing will be fine!
Congrats on the house!!


Originally Posted by Lady_Di View Post
Aww, it is a stressful time for you guys but you guys WILL get through it. Just take one day at time.


BTW, it is totally fine to cry!! Hehe.

Oh I've been a tear factory lately- I think it's all dried up though!! Thank goodness!

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That does sound like a lot. I wish you much luck, I know how crazy things can get. I moved cross country from WA to NJ, driving for three days while studying for the bar exam, seemed like a great idea at the time. Just take it one step at a time and remember to breath!

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