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Travel Arrangements in PV

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I am getting ready to send out my save-the-dates and I want to direct my guests to our wedding website, however, I have not made any travel arrangements yet (which need to be posted on the website before the stds go out!)! I want to block rooms at the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta and some other hotels in the area (Paradise Village is near by). I am having trouble making these arrangements with the hotels. Is there a travel agent you recommend for the PV/NV area that can help me with thishuh.gif


Also, for those of you in Los Angeles, what is a good airfare to PV? Right now I see flights for $322 R/T--is that as good as it's going to get?!


Thanks for the help!

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HI, I also am a PV (Nuevo Vallarta) bride. I used Tammy (host) as my travel agent and she did a WONDERFUL job!! I would recomend her over any othe rtravel agent I talked to. She got us the best rates and she was very diligent in answering all my questions in a timely manner.


good luck!

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i'm tammy...i have to be very honest with you...the grand mayan is probably one of the most uncoorperative hotels to get a room block.


for one thing, most of their rooms are timeshare rooms so they have very few non-stimeshare rooms...


and alot of the rooms are suites, which are great for families, but not so great for couple as they are expensive.


hope this helps.

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I think I'm on the exact same timeline as you, bethtamar! :-) I'm pretty much in the same boat. I haven't made any travel arrangements yet, but I will send out my STDs soon, and my website just has a blurb that says I'm still in the process of arranging travel and please check back for updates.


$322 from LA sounds pretty good to me! I've seen the rates go up as high as $425. That when I checked on May 2007 rates back in Feb/March. But I've just been checking expedia and orbitz, not a TA.

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$322 is a very good rate from LAX...not rock bottom but on the low side...if you have your plans solidified, go for it..


i usually try to get LAX flights in the $300 range if i can but they can get as high as in the high $400 range BUT so many airlines have direct flights to SJD that it is a real bonus to you.

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