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Leigh's private Villa review

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here is her review...


Hi all,


Well I returned last Sunday from 10 wonderful days in Cabo. We had an absolutely wonderful time! So here is my review:


We got to Cabo five days before any of our guests to relax and honeymoon before the big day. We stayed at the Pueblo Bonita Pacifica not to be confused with Pacifico which is Mexican Beer! On our way to the Hotel the Policia pulled us over for running a stop sign, which is a joke in downtown Cabo, if this happens to you Do not give them your drivers liceance and do not pay them more than 20 us dollars. Of couse we learned this later in the trip and paid to much while the guy was holding our drivers liceance hostage. Then we proceed to the hotel. The pacifica is a 5 star service hotel for a 3 star price. It was so relaxing with all the holistic music playing out by the pool, and the adults only atmosphere was just what we needed, (we have 3 kids). The restaurant was really good even though we had read otherwise. People talk about the pacific side being a no swim beach, but it is so beautiful. Also over by the Sheraton that same week they weren't letting you swim either, so don't let that rule your decision or you may be disappointed. Best meal was at La Freda in the Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach. Great atmosphere and the food is very good.


Day six and people begin showing up, we went aroung the night before dropping off gift bags and every hotel was very accomidating on the gifts bag deliveries. Our villa we rented was absolutly wonderful, we had ordered some of the food packages and that worked out well, we didn't have to do any shopping. The boys went fishing 1 day and did well, Checkmate fishing is who they used, they are great work real hard for you. Have # if anyone interested. We all ate at the Gondalrenna, (spelling is wrong) one night really fun place, great food and big quantities.


Day of the wedding we had (against my better judgement) Suzanne Morels Company come in and give three massages and pedicues plus my hair. Omg, was i impressed and I am a nail tech by trade. They were so professional and gave an awsome massage. Did I say my hair looked awsome too!!! I would highly recomend them!!!! Plus I loved having that all done right before the wedding it kept me from getting nervouse or frantic about the small stuff. Next, we did the Ipod thing for music worked fine,


Used Bradley Frazier for Photgrapher, he was wonderful, and handed me my Photo CD the very next day. The photos are great, lots of great shots, when you look at them you feel as if you were there in person. Highly recomend him too.


Then we used Denni's Catering, they to far exceeded my expectations. They set up tables, flower arrangements, and their meal was so good, I can still taste the lobster. They did all clean up and poof were gone. Also had a great bartender with them, he was so friendly.


Judge Carlos was pretty cute too. He just had a twinkle in his eye! Oh, my planner, this is my only sore spot, well that and the timeshare people and the Policia. She ended up being really nice and.... well she didn't do anything. Secure judge, bring my bouquet and have a blood person in her office for 5 min. Do paper work. If I had anything to do over it would be to get married in the states secretly and not deal with the planners in Cabo. Feels very rip offish. But , in the end it was my vision of what it would be like and it was wonderful. Sorry this is so long. If you have any question just ask me.



(sorry about the spelling through out, very tired)

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she used WIP and was not happy with them...


here is a post of hers


Ok, I also used WIP because of they got back to me fast their prices for a small wedding with no fluff compared pretty equal to a few others. I was married July 28th 06, I didn't start planning till April of 06. I would have died had I been dealing with this for a year. I had no trouble getting the judge, but that was how WIP got my deposit. They said they couldn't do anything untill the judge was booked. I made her check to see if he was available for a sunset wedding on the day that we wanted and she did (Marrisa). Being that time was not on my side I had her book it and sent in my deposit. Well on their cute little thing they email you and gives you a coordination fee, well it's like if it's only you and your groom. So when I sent in my 200, then recieved my contract, omg, I about died. I asked everyoone here about it and sent her an email about how crazy I thought the price was because I was booking things myself by then. They did come down like 150. But by then I was very flustrated. One month before the wedding she tells me they don't have the chair ties I wanted, and we went back and forth about this too. She would say how about these and send me a pictured and I would ok them then she would say oh sorry they don't have those either. So we ended up cancelling chairs with them 3 days before. She actually told me I could go to Michales here and the states and get the color I wanted, Duh. If I could go back and start over, I would SECRETLY get married in the states and never tell any one. That way you would save judge fee, blood fee, Corrdinator fee, mailing of docs fee. I would have saved 1500. Also, have you send 1/2 the money down 1 month before the wedding, you have to do a wired transfer, very complicated and it costs 50.00 for our bank to do this. That was like the final straw for us. Then somehow 14 dollars got lost in the transfer and she was sure to tell us about it, when we were sending the whole amount at the time. I could go on and on.

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Congrats and be sure to post some of your pictures when you have a chance. It sounds like you had a nice relaxing trip. OH and thanks for the tip about the cops...I always wondered if anyone had any run ins with the law while in Cabo!

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